Alone: Forever

nOCD is a free app that helps people with OCD by get effective treatment. Click here and download today! Everyone has probably felt loneliness sometimes in your life. Loneliness in the sense that no one ever understands you, your having a horrible fight with your girlfriend, and so on. But I am talking about a different kind of loneliness. […]


My Everyday Battle and Triumph Over OCD, Anxiety, and Depression-Guest Post by Danielle EauClaire

nOCD is a free app that helps people with OCD by getting effective treatment. Click the link below and download today! I often find myself awake at night with my eyes full of tears, crying out to God asking him, “Why? Why do I have to lie here in panic, why do I have to […]


OCD Craze

This is just a post, just to give you guys the general idea of what it like, to get stuck in that cycle of perfectionism and obsession. It is literally like going round and round in a circle, knowing truly that there is no benefit coming out of your actions, but then you can’t think […]