It’s Not What It Seems

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Hey, Silence here :)

You know when you are really going through a tough time in life and everyone else just seems to have it so much easier and better, doing half of the work?

“They are more successful, seemingly happier; have a more interesting life, they spend money on things so easily…”

And the worst part is when you see the world bowing down at their feet. Everyone is just in awe of their success and talents. All while you are doing twice the amount of work and not getting any recognition.

It is important to face the fact that some people will be more successful than you, work less hard than you, and be happier than you.

However, there is another fact of life as well. No matter how successful or happy people may seem, a lot of them still fight serious battles every day.

Being completely honest and raw about my past feelings, I remember feeling a pang of hurt during my bad phase of depression, when people would have friends, laughter, a proud family, easy A+ grades, a fun and rich life, etc.

I want to write this guest post for people who have felt the same way.

I’ll go first on what my life seems like now, and then I’ll express what it is in reality.

What life seems like:

  • Research on the antimicrobial effects of copper, stainless steel, and plastic.

  • Researcher on the making of a Lyme disease vaccine.

  • 8+ writing awards/recognized articles.

  • Founder of a non-profit initiative that provides educational guidance/tutoring for those who have not completed their high school diploma.

  • Vice president of a club.

  • Founder and chairperson of a committee that raises money to build wells in developing countries.


  • Suffer through anxiety, OCD, and depression.

  • Have trouble experiencing happiness in life.

  • Most likely going to get a low score on my SAT because I am just really bad at SAT testing.

  • The only person I tell every personal thing to would be my therapist.

  • No close friends (besides my family).

Tell me, what does your life “seem” like? What is it truly? Comment below and let me, or anybody else who is suffering from depression, know. We need a world where we are open to each other’s failures.

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One thought on “It’s Not What It Seems

  1. shivani shrivastva says:

    hii I am Shivani Shrivastva, I am also a sufferer of anxiety, depression, ocd….
    I suffer from trichotillomania
    I seriously feel really bad about this…
    I have no one with whom I can talk freely :(
    please help me

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