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Hello, my name is Silence, and I started this blog to help and connect with other people who may struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) , or other similar anxieties.  I also started this blog to help myself process and overcome the stressful thoughts that I will constantly have  for the rest of my life.I am however not a qualified phycologist or therapist to give one professional advice, and I am not an expert on the subject matter. 

Many of you may already be familiar with OCD, but for those of you who aren’t, here’s a brief description.  Symptoms of OCD can range from just having strange quirks that may be stressful  (such as excessive washing of the hands), but symptoms of OCD can also be much more severe (such as having suicidal thoughts, depression, and feeling like you are trapped in a  prison that is a small cage that you can’t seem to get out of).  

I have fought and struggled with OCD on many different levels, and I want to create an online community of people who have struggled personally with OCD, or know someone who is struggling with OCD and is try to help them.  I believe that together we can help each other to conquer  this anxiety which sometimes overwhelms our minds and brains. Having a mental illness can be very isolating, and I have really never known  anyone with similar struggles or had the chance to share experiences with them. I know that many people have misconceptions about OCD, and some people don’t really believe it is a real problem at first that can cause suicidal depression. I never really known many people  that wanted to just stay in bed all day, because they were afraid that they would go to Hell if they did something wrong, or somebody who just kept on repeating the same ritual over and over again for four hours, not knowing any way out of it.No one really ever considers a person that has OCD who is severely mentally ill. BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT CRAZY.

However, there are probably millions of you that have had worse, and similar experiences and you understand that feeling of a heavy metal in your brain, that strains your mind 24/7, you understand that feeling when sleeping is the only thing that is keeping you from suffering, you understand how OCD can take away your mind, your body, who you are, what you can conquer, what you can achieve, and most importantly, the important satisfaction of true happiness, simple happiness, the joy of friends, family, comfort… nothing of that sort matters anymore. What matters the most are not dying of some sort of disease by not touching anything, or washing your hands for four hours, and yet continuing that sort of path just doesn’t seem like a life worth living anyways.

Having any sort of mental disorder is a cage.  Mental disorder does not equal crazy. It is a cage that prevents you from feeling things that many other people in their daily lives, and it can sometimes just keep you from feeling things that normal people feel in their everyday lives. Although it is difficult to discard the cage in entirety, we can learn how to sometimes unlock and open it.   Then,  you can sometimes unlock the key  and who knows, you may find a beautiful path that may lead you to a different direction that most people who have not learned how to unlock their own cages may not have the opportunity to take.

I want to help you, and myself, in figuring out better and better ways of unlocking our cages.  My struggles  with OCD have made me a stronger, and better person, and it has unlocked doors that have made me realize certain things later on in my life. As I grow older,  am still trying to unlock many other doors, that seem to be locked tight right now,  but I am thankful to at least have the  desire to break free.  I hope we can embark on this journey together and become better versions of ourselves.  

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