The OCD blog is a resource for those who have OCD, their family members, and friends. The information contained within this blog is not a substitute for professional mental health advice. If you or a loved one suffers from OCD, please see your doctor or therapist as soon as possible.

up to 99%

80-99% of the general population has intrusive thoughts.

at least 1 in 10

The likelihood of having OCD if one’s parents or siblings have it is 10 to 11%.

up to 3%

2-3% of the general population have OCD on a clinical level.


Symmetry OCD

What is Sexual Orientation OCD (SO-OCD)?

Hit and Run OCD

Harm OCD

Suicidal OCD

Scrupulosity (Religious) OCD

Relationship OCD

Real Event OCD

Purely Obsessional OCD (Pure O)

Perinatal OCD

Pedophilia OCD

Magical Thinking OCD

“Just Right” OCD

Hoarding OCD

False Memory OCD

Existential OCD

Counting OCD

Checking OCD


cognitive behavioral therapy results in a 50-70% reduction of OCD symptoms.


selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (antidepressants) reduce OCD symptoms by 20-40%.


exposure and response prevention results in a 50-60% reduction of OCD symptoms.

OCD Treatments

Deep Brain Stimulation: What You Need to Know

Treatment-resistant OCD

Ketamine for OCD

OCD Stories

Sandy Glover

Mack Harris

Johana Corm

Jonas Eriksson

Ted Robinson


How to Deal with OCD Racing Thoughts

OCD After Drinking

Hypochondriac OCD

How to Treat OCD with Diet

OCD and Rigidity  

Emotional Contamination OCD

OCD Guilt

OCD and Perfectionism 


Hyperawareness OCD

OCD and Social Anxiety

What is the opposite of OCD?

OCD Awareness

OCD and Violent Thoughts 

Benefits of OCD

OCD Rumination

After OCD Recovery

Tips to overcome OCD

OCD Fear of Going Crazy

Celebrities with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Common OCD Thoughts

Groinal Response OCD

Retroactive Jealousy OCD

Support Groups for OCD

Group Therapy for OCD

Books about OCD

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder

OCD Triggers

OCD Relapse

Treat OCD Without Medication

Rabies OCD

How I stopped my OCD compulsions

How to Accept OCD

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Deep Brain Stimulation: What You Need to Know

Can antidepressants make your OCD worse?

How to beat OCD

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