OCD After Drinking

OCD After Drinking: How Alcohol Affects Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder It is no secret that alcohol can affect the brain in several ways. However, many people don’t know that alcohol can affect OCD symptoms. Thus, If you suffer from OCD and drink alcohol, it is crucial to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect …

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Hypochondriac OCD

Hypochondriac OCD: The Fear of Getting Sick Do you constantly worry about getting sick? Do you check your body for any signs of illness each day? If so, you may be suffering from hypochondria. This anxiety disorder makes its sufferers have an excessive fear of getting sick. Those individuals often feel like they are constantly …

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OCD Guilt

OCD Guilt: How to Overcome OCD-Induced Shame and Regret Do you feel guilty about your OCD? If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, you’ve likely made some mistakes in the past that still pop up in your mind. You may feel ashamed and regretful about your actions or how you’ve behaved because of your OCD. This type …

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ADHD vs. OCD: Differences and Similarities Many people are familiar with ADHD and OCD but may not know the differences between the two. This blog post will explore the key differences between ADHD and OCD and some of the similarities. Understanding these disorders is essential, as they can both have a significant impact on daily …

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Hyperawareness OCD

Hyperawareness OCD: When You’re So Aware, It’s Hard to Function Living with hyperawareness OCD is like constantly being on high alert. You’re so aware of your surroundings and everything that’s going on around you that it’s hard to focus on anything else. For people with this type of OCD, life can be a constant battle …

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